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The founders at Breeze came to us with a vision and concept for a white-label eCommerce solution to supply global connectivity using the latest eSIM technology.

The development of Breeze produced two products: First, a customisable white-label solution targeted at enterprises such as airlines, airports, fintech firms, and mobile operators,and second, a more traditional affiliate product that scales from individuals such as social media influencers, all the way through to larger enterprises who want a light touch, no risk affiliate product.


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The journey to develop Breeze was initiated by recognising the need for a more flexible, user-friendly, and comprehensive connectivity solution that could keep pace with the evolving digital world.

Traditional mobile connectivity solutions were increasingly unable to meet the growing demands for cost effective global roaming, instant connectivity, and digital integration required by modern users, especially those who frequently travel or require agile communication solutions across borders. This highlighted the necessity for Breeze—a platform designed to allow users to remain online, regardless of their geographical location.

The requirement to white-label Breeze under an affiliate program, "Powered by Breeze," required the platform to be inherently adaptable and customisable, without compromising on the quality or integrity of the service. This meant developing a system that could easily be branded and modified to meet the diverse requirements of major brands, ensuring that Breeze could seamlessly integrate into their existing product suites.

A significant challenge in developing Breeze's affiliate program, "Powered by Breeze," was removing the existing barriers for partners to offer eSIM connectivity. The goal was to make it straightforward for affiliates to integrate and customise Breeze, broadening the scope of global connectivity services.

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“From the moment we engaged with Koroutine we knew we had found the right development partner for Breeze. Working collaboratively and using a design sprint methodology we established a solution design and working prototype that we were able to then A/B test. The results of those A/B tests were quickly integrated into the prototype until we had a product design that we were extremely confident in

Darren Shaw Breeze Founder & CPO
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In response to the challenges faced by Breeze, especially the ambition to offer a white-labelled solution through the "Powered by Breeze" affiliate program, our solution was to develop a comprehensive, powerful e-commerce store powered by Shopify.

This platform was meticulously designed and tailored to the Breeze brand whilst providing a seamless, intuitive shopping experience for users. At the centre of our solution was a custom Shopify app, specifically developed to streamline order fulfilment processing of eSIMs, ensuring that Breeze could efficiently manage and deliver on customer expectations.

The Shopify-powered e-commerce store was created with customisation and flexibility at its core. Recognising the need to adapt the platform for various major brands under the affiliate program, we ensured that the store was visually customisable.

This design philosophy allowed for rapid and seamless rebranding of the store to match the visual identity and branding requirements of partners, facilitating a consistent yet customisable presence for each "Powered by Breeze" affiliate.

To enhance customer support and engagement, we integrated a help centre, powered by Zendesk, into the e-commerce platform. This help centre was fully customised to align with the Breeze brand's aesthetics and operational standards, providing users with a cohesive and supportive browsing and shopping experience.

The Zendesk integration ensured that customer enquiries and support tickets were handled efficiently.

Koroutine delivered a fully working solution that we immediately deployed for a large international airport partner that transits over 19m passengers per annum. It is testament to the team and the processes they use that we were immediately able to commercialise a product that was entirely new to the market with such a large enterprise partner. That partner has since gone on to win awards for innovation for their Powered by Breeze platform

Darren Shaw Breeze Founder & CPO


The Shopify-powered e-commerce solution for Breeze has delivered impressive results, with renowned brands like Icelandair, Wizz Air and SWISS showcasing its success. These partnerships have dramatically expanded Breeze's market presence and driven significant sales growth, highlighting the platform's effectiveness in streamlining order fulfilment and catering to diverse customer needs.

The customisable nature of the platform enabled each brand to maintain its unique identity whilst efficiently managing a surge in transactions. This approach has not only aided Breeze's standing in the connectivity market but has also enhanced the digital commerce capabilities of its partners, contributing to substantial revenue increases.

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