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Our development of the BroadbandGo mobile app innovated connectivity for the UK leisure industry

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In terms of connectivity, the UK caravan community historically struggled with two main obstacles for internet access: costly satellite connections offering broad coverage but at steep prices and complex setups, or standard mobile data plans that struggled with consistent coverage across the UK’s varied landscapes. In turn, caravan owners were cornered into choosing between expensive, bulky satellite systems or facing unreliable service.

This situation highlighted a need for an innovative connectivity solution tailored to the caravan industry. The ideal service would need to bridge the gap by providing widespread network access efficiently and affordably whilst eliminating the issue of coverage limitations on single-network mobile plans. The challenge was clear: to deliver a user-friendly, versatile internet solution that catered specifically to the lifestyle of modern caravan enthusiasts, ensuring reliable digital access across the UK without excess costs.

Broadband Go

Koroutine made the technically challenging, easily accessible and seamless

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Our solution for BroadbandGo was a mobile application developed with Flutter, enabling a consistent and engaging user experience on both iOS and Android platforms alongside a web application.

The app integrates several key features to enhance user convenience and control: users can purchase SIM cards directly, top up data as needed, view current data usage in real-time, and track their orders with ease. Additionally, QR code scanning functionality simplifies the process of activating SIMs, making it immediate and hassle-free. All created from a single, maintainable code base.

Behind the scenes, the app's robust backend, powered by Firebase and Golang, ensures that all these features operate smoothly and efficiently. Firebase provides a secure and scalable database for real-time updates and user authentication, while Golang supports high-performance backend services capable of managing the surge in data transactions and user requests.

This approach, combining a user-friendly mobile application with a powerful backend and a flexible admin portal, ensures that BroadbandGo not only meets, but exceeds the connectivity needs of the UK caravan industry.


Developed with a keen focus on user experience and operational efficiency, the Broadband Go app launch has transformed how caravan enthusiasts access and manage their mobile internet across Europe. A testament to its success, the application has facilitated the sale of thousands of SIMs and has fulfilled the need for reliable connectivity on the go.

The success of this project goes beyond the sales figures by addressing the specific needs of caravan users with an innovative and user-friendly solution. We've not only met the current demand but have also set the groundwork for future growth and continued service enhancement.

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