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eSIM Go’s founders approached us with an Idea, to revolutionise the eSIM wholesale market.

We facilitated their vision by designing, architecting and developing a scalable state of the art product which has now delivered to over 1 Million end users.


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The development of the eSIM Go platform as a B2B wholesale solution for eSIM provisioning presented a unique set of challenges. Our mission was to design, architect and develop a product to revolutionise how travel brands provide seamless connectivity to their customers, which involved navigating intricate technical, strategic, and market-related hurdles.

The foremost challenge was the inherent technical complexity of eSIM technology and crafting a solution that would be universally compatible, secure, and easy to use ensuring that a platform was architected into a product that could not only handle the current demands but also scale for future growth presented a significant challenge. We needed to ensure that the infrastructure could support a rapidly increasing number of users and transactions without compromising performance or reliability.



In response to the multifaceted challenges presented during the development phase, we meticulously architected and developed the eSIM Go system through a strategic, phased approach. This methodical process enabled the business to swiftly deliver a Minimum Viable Product (MVP) to its inaugural customers, laying a solid groundwork for the platform. Central to our approach was the creation of a highly scalable, robust, and maintainable cloud-based architecture, designed to meet the dynamic needs of the B2B wholesale market. This infrastructure ensured high performance and reliability even as demand scaled.

To enhance user interaction, we developed a user-centric web application tailored for the platform's initial users. This interface simplified the eSIM provisioning and management process, providing an intuitive and efficient experience for customers. It served as a vital link between the eSIM Go service and its users, streamlining operations and fostering positive engagement.

Further amplifying our solution's reach and functionality, we emphasised the development of a comprehensive customer API. This became a cornerstone for ensuring effortless integration for larger businesses, equipped with extensive documentation and dedicated support for seamless adoption and customization.

A cornerstone of our architectural strategy was the incorporation of a modular design and serverless architecture. This approach allowed for components of the platform to be developed, tested, and deployed independently, fostering continuous and rapid development. As the business scaled, this architecture facilitated the seamless introduction of new features and services, enabling the platform to evolve in response to emerging market needs, customer feedback, and technological advancements.


The deployment of the eSIM Go platform has catalysed significant business results, marking a transformative impact on the B2B wholesale eSIM landscape. We've witnessed rapid market penetration as travel brands globally have adopted the platform, attracted by its seamless integration capabilities and innovative service offerings. This widespread adoption has directly translated into revenue growth, both for eSIM Go and its partners, by opening up new revenue streams through enhanced connectivity services. Operational efficiencies have also seen substantial improvements in ancillary product sales, which in turn has boosted customer satisfaction and loyalty.

The scalable, cloud-based architecture of eSIM Go ensures that it is primed for future growth and market demands, embodying a solution that is not just for today but also for the evolving future of travel connectivity. Furthermore, strategic partnerships forged in the wake of the platform's success have expanded its reach and solidified its position as a market leader, demonstrating the platform's pivotal role in driving forward the adoption of eSIM technology and delivering substantial business value in the digital landscape of the travel industry. We are still an active partner of eSIM Go and aid them in the current development needs for the platform.


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