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We partnered with The Product Architects' to enhance their digital presence and client engagement using the latest web technologies.


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The Product Architects faced the challenge of enhancing their brand presence to match their innovative approach in the product development industry. They required a digital platform that could effectively showcase their rapid prototyping and design sprint services, aiming to attract a wider audience and establish a stronger online authority.

The existing digital presence did not fully capture the breadth of their expertise, necessitating a transformative approach to their website design and functionality.

The Product Architects

As CEO of The Product Architects, I'm genuinely impressed by Koroutine's work on our TPA site. Their swift and efficient approach, coupled with their knack for creating tailored solutions, resulted in a site that stands out for its remarkable performance.

Hederik Laloo CEO, The Product Architects
The Product Architects


To address these needs, we embarked on creating a fast, functional website, meticulously selecting technologies that align with The Product Architects' ethos of efficiency and innovation.

By utilising Strapi, we provided a robust, headless CMS that enabled flexible content management, ensuring the site's content remains fresh and engaging. Cloudflare was integrated to enhance the website's security and loading speeds across the globe, guaranteeing a swift, secure user experience. Svelte was chosen for the frontend development to build a reactive, modern UI that loads quickly and provides an interactive experience for visitors. This tech stack ensured the website was not only performant but also scalable and easy to maintain.

Koroutine's commitment to excellence is evident, and I highly recommend their ICT services for unparalleled results.

Hederik Laloo CEO, The Product Architects


The redevelopment of The Product Architects' website has led to a significant uplift in their online brand presence. The new site, portrayed by its speed, reliability, and new design, has successfully captured the essence of their brand, translating their innovative services into a compelling digital experience.

As a result, the business has witnessed an increase in website traffic and longer engagement times. The improved digital presence has effectively broadened their reach, attracting more clients and reinforcing their position in the industry.

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