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Flexible and adaptable

Koroutine's pricing options are suited to varied project demands.

We begin each project by evaluating your requirements and leveraging our experience to recommend solutions, offering you the best options to suit your software project.

Evolving Scope


Our most flexible option adapts to the evolving scope of your project. We assess your project and plan to suit it's unique needs, scope and timelines - giving you flexibility and control as the project grows and changes.

With transparent, monthly invoicing, you pay for the hours actually worked.

Good for:
  • Projects requiring scope or timeline flexibility.
  • Development pace and features are guided by you.
  • Active client involvement and control in the development process.
  • Collaborative product roadmapping.
  • Shaping the product together through development.

Fixed Scope

Our Fixed Scope Plan involves agreed milestones, offering a clear, fixed price for each project phase. This model aligns with your budget and timeline expectations and is perfect for well-defined projects.

Milestones are set for project delivery phases, with invoicing issued upon completion and approval of each stage, ensuring clarity and predictability.

Good for:
  • Projects with specific, unchanging scopes and requirements.
  • Clients who know exactly what they want and need.
  • When a specific solution is required within a larger project.
  • Scenarios where a predetermined budget and timeframe are essential.
  • Engagements where minimal client involvement is needed during development.

Because developing a product doesn't stop once it's launched we offer maintenance options for all our projects.

Support & Maintenance

We offer ongoing support and maintenance options for all Koroutine projects to ensure your software is kept up-to-date with the latest security patches and doesn't run into any deprecated code issues.

We outline these options up-front, at the start of the project, so you can factor them into your project budget.

Looking for Enterprise Pricing?

Get in touch today. We’re always happy to explore your unique business requirements and offer bespoke pricing structures.


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